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It was at the Molotov that Blooming Discord invited all the representatives of the local scene (Acod, Eths, Scarlean, Digital Nova, Lecks Inc, The Nurses, Fleur...) to participate in the filming of the "Latch" music video, the single from their upcoming album that combines the grunge of the '90s with the rhythms of modern metal.

Photo de groupe de Blooming Discord
Blooming Discord

In recent years, the city of Marseille has been drawing a dynamic and diverse audience. In response to this growing demand, rock naturally asserts its legitimacy, and Blooming Discord is committed to being a part of it.

Fred, the singer of the band "Acod," is in the middle of singing.
Fred , lead singer of the band "Acod"

The objective is to bring together a variety of artists from the Marseille rock/metal scene and members of the Blooming Family in a music video, with the aim of immortalizing this gathering and presenting all these contributors as a collective force.

A man and his dog are sitting on a couch, and he's channel surfing with a remote control.
Hazem El Moukaddem, the manager of "Molotov"

Hazem El Moukaddem, the manager of Le Molotov, plays a special role in this video, sharing the screen with Thatcher, his chihuahua. It is both a source of pride and a way for the band to express their gratitude to him for allowing the use of Le Molotov, an iconic venue for alternative music in the heart of Marseille, France.

Blooming Discord holds deep gratitude for all those who answered their call. This stands as a testament to the significance of the connections forged in the realm of music, where the unity and support of fans, musicians, technicians, and rock/metal enthusiasts are vital for keeping the music scene alive. This appreciation strengthens Blooming Discord's commitment to continue sharing their music and evolving with their audience, thereby creating a memorable collective music experience.

A group of people dancing.
A few members of the "Blooming Family."

Music recorded, produced, and mastered by Florent Salfati at Homeless Records, with the assistance of Gerry Cros. Video directed by Jérémie Mac Carthy. Lighting director, best boy, set decorator: Théo Deprez, Corentin Bertry, Thomas Arnaud. Makeup by Camille Ferrante. Photographer: Anaïs Di Gregorio.

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