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Uploaded on October 26, 2022, on YouTube, "Inner Evil" by Blooming Discord takes you into a chilling universe featuring the band members through an animated lyric video reminiscent of Comic book art. This is the second single from their EP "Shambles and Stones." The project to create an animated video was a long-standing wish of the band since its inception, and it was brought to life with the talented Kevin Cavigioli (Edza Film).

Illustration and Title of the Song "Inner Evil"

"Inner Evil" was composed as a true narrative. On one hand, the music starts with an acoustic guitar introduction, creating both enchanting and intriguing atmospheres. This is followed by a powerful chorus accompanied by a much more aggressive and infernal section, with schizoid undertones. Solo leads and guitar duets add an additional narrative element, and finally, the story concludes with an acoustic guitar outro. On the other hand, the lyrics depict the takeover of Kage's body by a malevolent spirit named Scrook, driving the character to commit atrocities.

Illustration of a Battlefield

Indeed, in the video, the initial scenes set the stage: a post-war landscape, skeletons, corpses on a battlefield, and in the background, Kage's mansion (the lead singer's).

Illustration of 4 Characters

The first part features Kage wandering through his mansion. We see him walking, sitting on his throne, and in his control room. He appears to be searching for information about the other members of the band.

Illustration of a Character and the Eyes of a Demon

In the middle of the track, it becomes apparent that Kage has been manipulated by a demon (embodied by Scrook, the lead guitarist) that influenced him to commit murders. Is Kage responsible for the disappearance of the other band members?

The final part of the video shows him in his laboratory, where, as a result of an experiment, he resurrects the other members. Kage displays a Machiavellian smile, revealing his satisfaction with the resurrection of his friends, now turned into undead beings. The band is now complete once again.

Illustration of Two Characters with Red Eyes

In summary, "Inner Evil" was the most suitable music for an animated video given its composition and lyrics. The band's Comic Book aesthetic was able to flourish through this video. This animated clip marked a first for Blooming Discord. The group has new projects currently in the works. Stay connected, and you'll soon learn more...



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